Summer Hikes and Activities In Summit County

mccullough gulch

Hiking season has begun. What are your favorite go-to trails?

Trails With Waterfalls

Some of the most popular trails for the best waterfalls are McCullough Gulch and Mohawk Lakes in Blue River as well as South Willow Creek Falls in Wildernest.

Clinton Gulch Dam Reservoir

Have you been to Clinton Gulch Dam Reservoir? It’s a 2 mile mostly flat trail perfect for summer guests! Join this Summit County Trail Conditions Facebook Group for up-to-date info.

Fun Things To Do in Breckenridge

This list keeps growing! Here are 100 fun things to do in Breckenridge. Please reach out and let me know if I can join you for any of these!

Higgles Ice Cream

As we all unbundle and head outdoors to enjoy the Summer warmth, be sure and stop in to Higgles Artisan Ice Cream in the Towne Square Mall for a handcrafted in Breckenridge treat! They even have delicious non-dairy options!

Mohawk Lakes and McCullough Gulch

Mohawk Lakes Sunrise Hike, Breckenridge, CO

Mohawk Lakes and McCullough Gulch have become very popular hikes for visitors. Have you seen the long lines of cars parked on a Saturday morning?! While these are two of my favorite hikes, I like to enjoy more of the peace and solitude in nature. Here are a few tips that might help:

Hike in the afternoon.

Check the weather, and if no storms are in site, hit the trail at 2:30 or 3, and in the summer, you still should have plenty of time to enjoy an afternoon hike at Mohawk Lake or McCullough Gulch.

Go during the week.

Avoid the weekend traffic, and block out time in your schedule to hike during the weekdays. Leave the office early, and enjoy the afternoon and evening sunset.

Make it a picnic.

Bring drinks and snacks and a spread to enjoy at overlooking Lower Mohawk Lake or at the falls at McCullough Gulch.

Take a “short-cut.”

If you have a 4×4, drive all the way up to the end of the rocky road for Mohawk Lake/Spruce Creek Trail.

For a different scene of McCullough Gulch, park at the trailhead across the street from Mila Rose, and hike that mile to the gulch with a view of Quandary Mountain. Hike back in time to enjoy the sunset show from the deck of Mila Rose. Take advantage the long summer days while you can!

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