Birding and Wildlife in Colorado

Birdwatching is a fascinating activity anyone can enjoy, with a little intention, observation, and patience. I have friends who are avid “birders”, traveling around the world to add another bird sighting to their “life list.” Have you seen The Big Year? They are a little like that. 😉 But while most of the rest of us may not be able to identify each bird we see, we do enjoy spotting hummingbirds zipping around our back yard or feel lucky when we see a bald eagle soar.

Colorado offers many opportunities for birding! This article from 5280, Where to Go Birding in Colorado offers many suggestions organized by habitats. There are two protected wetland areas, Alamosa Wildlife Refuge and Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge where you can spot the white-faced ibis or sandhill cranes. Nearly 90 percent of the land on the Eastern Plains is privately owned, often for agriculture; however you can schedule a Greater Prairie Chicken Tour in Wray to see this special bird or a visit to the Chico Basin Ranch in Colorado Springs to see birds like Mountain plovers and burrowing owls. (see 5280 article for more details)

A white-tailed ptarmigan. Photo courtesy of Peter Burke

For us Summit County residents, we may be able to spot this special Alpine bird, the white-tailed ptarmigan. Here’s a great article from the Summit Daily about other birds you can see in the winter here like the white-tailed chickadee.

We are fortunate to live amongst so much wildlife, not just birds. A stroll just along Main Street Breckenridge may include special sightings of moose and the red fox, and on a summer hike, you may spot deer, elk, coyote, and even marmot, pika, and mountain goats if you get up high enough. While it’s thrilling to see a black bear, mountain lion, or coyote, they will likely want to stay away from you as much as you’d prefer to avoid a negative encounter with them. 😉

Photo Courtesy of GoBreck

Here’s another great article from the town of Breckenridge about wildlife viewing in Breckenridge. Let’s be respectful to wildlife as we count it a privilege to live in and enjoy their natural habitat.

Everyone knows how much I love the outdoors, so if you’d ever like to get outside for a hike, ski, or just leisurely stroll, reach out and let’s get something on the calendar soon!

Published by Paula Stanton

Resilient, Compassionate, Intuitive with a passion for all things Real Estate. Nature and the Outdoors are my daily recharge and my core strength ... and beyond all else, a source of beauty and peace. My mantra is "All you put off by procrastinating is success" and I try to empower myself with that each day.

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