YoungLife and Team Summit

Programs for Teenagers in Summit County The teenage years are full of adventure! We all remember the fun times and crazy stunts we pulled as teenagers. If we are “lucky” enough to be parents of teenagers, we are able to relive them from the outside looking in, often straddling extreme pride and extreme frustration (lol)Continue reading “YoungLife and Team Summit”

Healthy Summer Living in Summit County

There’s something about spending more time outdoors in the summer sun that inspires us all towards more healthy living. Summer fruit, salads, and refreshing juices pair well with outdoor gatherings and casual get togethers. Here are a few ideas of things to do this summer as you enjoy hikes, bikes, barbecues, and farmers markets in Summit County.

Birding and Wildlife in Colorado

Birdwatching is a fascinating activity anyone can enjoy, with a little intention, observation, and patience. I have friends who are avid “birders”, traveling around the world to add another bird sighting to their “life list.” Have you seen The Big Year? They are a little like that. 😉 But while most of the rest ofContinue reading “Birding and Wildlife in Colorado”

Support the Youth of Summit County

Our young people have endured some of the most difficult years in recent history at a most vulnerable, transformative season in their lives. Anxiety, depression, and suicide have escalated as feelings of uncertainty and loss of purpose tainted their reality. Canceled sports and activities during 2020 thru 2021 interrupted momentum and motivation for many excellentContinue reading “Support the Youth of Summit County”