Pickle Ball for Fun & Fitness

Summit County Pickle Ball

Pickle Ball has quickly become one of the most popular sports and activities for people of all ages! During the quarantine months of 2020, families headed outside to parks, trails, and COURTS. Outdoor areas were gathering places as indoor activities were minimally available. People were looking for new ways to stay active. This was the perfect recipe for pickle ball to become one of the most trendy fads around!

pickle ball in breckenridge for families

Summit County Pickleball Association

In Summit County, pickle ball has been around for years! We even have a Summit County Pickleball Association with growing membership. Their website has everything you need to know to get started including what courts and groups are available to play during the week.

If you are interested in learning to play, visit one of their “Beginner/Novice Only” drop-in sessions, or ask a friend to teach you the rules. (You know, the friend who keeps telling you about how FUN it is to play pickle ball 😉 Here’s a great article with some basics for getting started. Here’s a quick YouTube video with the basic overview. And here’s a funny video from the Holderness Family.

If you do enjoy it, buy yourself a new paddle, some balls, and perhaps even a good pair of tennis shoes, so you will feel more confident with your own equipment and motivated to keep playing. A good paddle is worth the investment! Here’s one great recommendation from my marketing partner, Sonya Dalrymple.

During the summer months in Summit County, you can play at Carter Park in Breckenridge, Rainbow Park in Silverthorne, Keystone Tennis Center, and Lake Dillon. When there are not scheduled sessions, it is similar to tennis on public courts – first come, first served. You’ll usually find the nets available in a case on the courts to set up and take down. It truly is a fantastic, fun multi-generational sport you can enjoy with friends and family of all ages!

In the winter, you can continue to play indoors at the Breckenridge Recreation and Tennis Centers, Silverthorne Recreation Center, and Keystone Tennis Center.

And for the more competitive personalities, you will likely want to jump in to singles or doubles tournaments, locally, and all around the state or country, oftentimes for cash prizes!!

There are even new franchises and venues popping up like Chicken and Pickle where you can eat and play pickle ball with family and friends. Each venue has both indoor and outdoor courts, food, yard games, and bars.

Let me know if you play pickle ball and what you enjoy most about it!

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