YoungLife and Team Summit

Programs for Teenagers in Summit County

The teenage years are full of adventure! We all remember the fun times and crazy stunts we pulled as teenagers. If we are “lucky” enough to be parents of teenagers, we are able to relive them from the outside looking in, often straddling extreme pride and extreme frustration (lol) with our kids.

I’ve always had a big heart for teenagers and love celebrating and sharing their successes. I try to support them and local organizations as much as I can.

YoungLife Golf Tournament

YoungLife is a group here focused on middle and high school students. They meet weekly for “Club” (fun time with food, games, and short message), go to summer camps and weekend getaways, and get to hear of God’s love for them from people who care about their lives. Teenagers need as many adults as they can get who truly care and listen to what’s going on in their world.

They are hosting a Fundraiser Golf Tournament on Monday, September 12th at Copper Golf Course. I am honored to be a hole sponsor, and they are still looking for a few more! If you love to golf or just want to support our youth, consider signing up as participants with your friends or colleagues!

They are also looking for volunteer leaders to spend time with teenagers, and influential community members to be a part of their Committee. Reach out to Area Director, Rob Fuller for more info, and please spread the word!

Team Summit

Four Colorado freeride snowboarders became the first junior competitors to travel to South America for international competition in the new IFSA SudAmerica series. Emma Hyon, a local teenager and friend, placed first in her age group in this Big Mountain Competition and came away with a Gold Medal! 🙂 Emma says, “I loved the trip and can’t wait to go again next summer.”

Points earned from this event count towards each athletes ranking for the 2023
North American championships.

Emma Hyon has trained for several years with Team Summit. They are an incredible organization that offers coaching and training for skiers and snowboarders to increase their skills, enjoy competition, and become excellent “whole athletes.” If you have kids or grandkids who are looking for a special coach, team, and competitive options, Team Summit is a perfect fit! And please support their mission however able.

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